Lannie Kanevsky – Founder and Author

Lannie Kanevsky:

Associate Professor, Faculty of Education Simon Fraser University

Dr. Lannie Kanevsky is the founder and author of  She is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia (Canada) and the author of the Tool Kit for High End Curriculum Differentiation.  She began her career in education by teaching elementary school and supporting students with special needs, including students who are gifted (K-7), in British Columbia, Canada. She completed an M.A. in Special Education at San Diego State University in 1983, and her Ph.D., also in Special Education (with a concentration in Gifted Education), at Teachers’ College, Columbia University (New York) in 1988.  Her first faculty position was at McGill University (Montreal) and in 1991 she moved to Simon Fraser University (SFU).  In 2008 and 2009 she was Director of Field Programs, the unit within SFU’s Faculty of Education that creates and offers graduate diploma and M.Ed. programs for in-service teachers.Dr. Kanevsky’s research has explored the learning preferences and potentials of gifted students and their peers.  The ultimate goal of this work is to achieve an optimal match between each learner and the nature of his or her experiences so their learning in school is engaging, challenging and developmentally powerful. Her work in classrooms has recently involved students in problem-based learning in science, social studies and language arts.

She has shared her work through publications, lectures and workshops with local, national and international audiences of students, parents, practitioners and researchers in Canada, the United States, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.  She has spoken extensively on differentiating curricula for gifted students.  She has held elected positions in The Association for the Gifted (a division of the Council for Exceptional Children) and the National Association for Gifted Children.

Throughout her career, Dr. Kanevsky has volunteered to teach school age students in order to “practice what she preaches.”