This website offers a collection of tools and resources intended to help highly able students, their teachers and parents create Possibilities for Learning that are suited to their extraordinary capacity and craving for learning. The tools will help differentiate activities to match their characteristics, preferences and passions. All are based on the work of June Maker and her colleagues[9].

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Who are highly
able learners?
Highly able learners demonstrate one of more of 13 behaviors intensely, frequently, and consistently over time. They might be called “gifted” or “high achievers” or creative. Essentially, they are students who need the basic curriculum enhanced so they are learning material they don’t know in ways that engage their extraordinary learning potential. …more
What are the
characteristics of
learning activities for
highly able learners?
They are 30 features of experiences recommended for students with extraordinary potential. Click “…more” to find the 30 differentiation strategies and resources for working with them.

What do the
tools do?
A variety of tools are provided to complete tasks related to curriculum differentiation in a range of ways. Read on to find out which tools might address your needs. …more

What kinds of
resources are
available on this

A variety of materials are provide to help you understand, find and implement differentiated curriculum for highly able learners. …more