Survey Form

Possibilities for Learning Survey Form



The survey can be completed on paper or online.  The form can also be downloaded as a .doc file and modified to suit your needs.

This survey of learning preferences has been designed to discover how a person likes and doesn’t like to learn.  It’s nota test.  It gives students a chance to tell teachers what they like to learn, how they’d like to learn, and how they’d like to show their learning.

The survey has five parts.  Each part addresses different possibilities for learning.

  • Part One:  Settings for Learning
  • Part Two:  Ideas to Learn
  • Part Three:  Ways to Learn
  • Part Four:  Showing Your Learning
  • Part Five:  Lists of Possibilities

It is long–the form has 13 pages.  It can be completed in one session by older students who read very well.  It should not be completed in one session by young students or students who struggle to read, do not read and/or do not enjoy reading.  It can be spread out over days.  Every page does not have to be used.

Page 13 of the Possibilities for Learning Survey.

The entire PFL form does not have to be used.  Use only what you need.  Teachers and students can gain useful information even if only one page is completed.  For example, a teacher may want to offer the student a range of ways to show their learning in a particular unit so the student is offered the list of product options on page 13.  It has over 200 possible products on one page.

Make it your own.  At the top of this page the form is provided as a .doc file that can be modified.  Delete the possibilities (items, topics, etc.) that you don’t want to offer students.  This might be because some possibilities may not be comfortable or may not suit a particular subject or setting.

Click here to see Directions for offering the PFL to students.